Your introduction to Paris

The fall program begins with an 11-day language and culture practicum focusing on language learning with special attention paid to the acquisition of practical skills for living in Paris.  French language courses meet every day for three to five hours.  The practicum also includes a series of four excursions that allow students to discover different parts of the city.  The excursions, which generally last about two to three hours, are an integral part of the practicum and are mandatory course meetings.  The practicum is fun but demanding.  Students should expect to be in the classroom or on a required excursion Monday through Friday, from three to six hours per day. 

The French language and culture practicum courses focus on listening comprehension, grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary.  They provide students with ample opportunities to practice reading, writing and oral communication.  At the end of the practicum, successful students will have completed 4.5 UC quarter (3.0 semester) units of French.

Students do an online language assessment prior to their arrival in Paris to determine their level of language proficiency.  They are then placed in the appropriate language class based on a combination of their previous language experience and their assessment results.  Students are, therefore, expected to take their assessment seriously and to report their previous language experience accurately.  No changes in level may be made during the practicum.  If either the student or the student's instructor feel that the student's level is superior or inferior to the assessment level, the Academic Coordinator will meet with the student and the instructor towards the end of the practicum to determine if a change in level should be made for the fall semester.  Once the fall semester has begun, no level changes can be made.

The dates for the fall 2019 practicum are Friday, August 23rd through Friday, September 6th.