The Global Cities Urban Realities Quarter Program

The Global Cities Urban Realities Quarter Program is the creation of faculty and administrators at the University of California.  It is designed to introduce students to the complex social, political and economic issues brought about by immigration, increasing diversity and urban conflict in London and Paris.  The program is intended as a rewarding experience abroad for students interested in exploring the challenges faced by these exciting and dynamic European capitals. Through their coursework, students will interrogate how the challenges of contemporary urban diversity play out in specific arenas in the global cities of Paris and London, giving them the opportunity to compare and contrast the particularities of how these cities both became and understand themselves as global capitals.

The program dates for the Paris first city quarter program are March 25th - May 2nd.  For the Paris second city quarter program, the program dates are May 2nd - June 8th.

Quarter Program Overview - Paris

Whether Paris is your first or second city,  you will take one upper-division content course worth 4.5 UC quarter (3.0 semester) units, and one lower-division City and Language course worth 3.0 UC quarter (2.0 semester) units during your five-week stay.

Students whose first city is Paris are permitted to take a second content course if they need to meet degree requirements on their home campus.

In Paris, the upper-division content course meets for a total of thirty-eight hours and the lower-division City and Language course meets for a total of thirty hours.

Students are advised to carefully consult their course syllabi and weekly schedule before making travel plans that could conflict with academic responsibilities.


In Paris: You are required to take 7.5 UC quarter (5.0 semester) units.