Paris-based Program in Political Science
Academic Year 2019/20

Academic Contacts

UC students enrolled at Sciences Po should direct all queries about registration and academic programs to:

Matthew Thomas
Centre des Ameriques
13, rue de l'Université
75007 Paris, France

Please consult the Sciences Po International Exchange Program home page here.

The UC Paris Study Center should be contacted on all matters pertaining to UC student status, including financial aid, academic load, physical and mental health and any emergency situation:

About Sciences Po

The Institut d’Études Politiques, Paris (Sciences Po), founded in 1872, is the most important training ground for future French elites, who compete rigorously for eventual posts in the French ministries, corporate headquarters, and the Assemblée Nationale (all of which are neighbors in the VIe and VIIe arrondissements).

With its traditional course offerings in the political and human sciences, and an emphasis on the contemporary period, Sciences Po functions not unlike an American business or professional school, with an emphasis on training and method. University California students accepted into this rigorous program have excellent academic records and are highly motivated to be part of the lively intellectual exchange that Sciences Po offers.

Sciences Po courses are credited at the University of California, although only each home department alone can decide whether these courses count toward major  or other requirements. Most will, as EAP students enroll in the Sciences Po Programme International, which offers courses in French society, politics, history, economics, and international relations with a special emphasis on the new Europe. The program offers students a thorough exposure to the principal elements of a Sciences Po education: a multidisciplinary approach and rigorous methodological training in social science reseearch.

The semester begins with a Welcome Programme which also serves as an introduction to French culture, the educational system, and the particular methodology which is unique to Sciences Po.