Getting the Most Out of Paris

  • Compare exchange rates when looking to exchange cash for euros.
  • Paris Gratuit – very useful portal covering all aspects of daily life in Paris. [FR]
  • French Yellow Pages – find an address, phone number, or map. [FR]
  • Mappy – get a map, itinerary, or areal photo of an address in Paris (and dozens of other European cities)
  • Paris France Guide – jobs, accommodation, education and classifieds in Paris and France.
  • Paris Voice – the magazine for English-speaking Parisians
  • Paris Digest – Paris city guide and online travel agent
  • Meteo France – weather forecast for Paris and France. [FR]
  • French Postal Service – everything you need to know about French mail. [FR]
  • Western Union France – money transfer service. [FR]
  • Le Relais - here's where you can donate clothes you don't want to carry back home [FR]

Making French and international friends

  • Paris Meetup - all sorts of activities for all sorts of interests
  • CIJP - a non-profit organization offering cultural and social activities for French and international students
  • On Va Sortir - a free site that puts together people with similar interests and proposes social activities (theater, museum visits, etc.)
  • Mag-Paris - an LGBT association that offers social activities, with a special group dedicated to 15-26 year old participants
  • Polyglot Club - language exchange



  • Internet Cafés in Paris –  list for public internet access in Paris.
  • Free Wifi - search free wireless connections in Paris' public gardens
  • Free Hotspots - search cafés providing free wireless connection
  • – Free Hotspots Finder. Type Paris in the city field and click find button...




Vegan and Vegetarian





This information is provided as a matter of convenience to you. All listings on this document are not endorsed or guarantee by UCEAP. You are solely responsible for your choice of landlord and rental unit.

 UCEAP has not inspected the rentals and cannot warrant their condition, nor can the UCEAP guarantee the professional behavior of the property owners or managers. It also is not a guarantee by UCEAP that the property complies with building, safety or fire codes, or that it is clean or safe or otherwise suitable for your use. Before signing any lease or contract, you are responsible to learn about the property, about your landlord and about the landlord’s property manager. You are also responsible for understanding your rights and responsibilities as a tenant. UCEAP in Paris or in California is not responsible for any problems that may occur with your rental unit or any disputes that may arise between you and your landlord or any roommates you choose to live with. All prospective tenants are encouraged to exercise common sense and good judgment when evaluating prospective rental units and landlords.

 Users of this information communicate, contract and do business with individuals, companies, or firms at their own risk. It is good practice for students to obtain a written rental agreement between the student and the property owner. 

 Neither UCEAP or the Regents, officers, agents, and employees of the University of California, Education Abroad Program, shall be liable for any errors or omissions made in the compilation or printing of this information

  • LivinFrance - a platform to find apartments, or shared rentals
  • Flatlooker - a rental site that includes virtual tours of the apartments available for rent
  • Estudines - student residences
  • Studéa - student residences
  • The Student Hotel (in Puteaux, a bit outside of Paris)
  • Jo&Joe - Youth hostel where one can stay while looking for permanent housing
  • Morning Croissant
  • Familinb - a homestay agency that students recommend
  • Recherche Colocation – Search site for apartment sharing in Paris. [FR]
  • - homestay service used by several past Sciences Po students; they report it to be pricey, however
  • Appartager – Search site for apartment sharing in Paris.
  • Easy Coloc – Search site for apartment sharing in Paris. [FR]
  • Colocation – Search site for apartment sharing in Paris. [FR]
  • - Short term furnished rentals [EN]
  • Seloger – Apartments for rent in Paris [FR]
  • De Particulier à Particulier – Apartments for rent in Paris. (Every Thursday a printed version of this site is sold in newsagencies and kiosks) [FR]
  • France Accommodation - Homestay agency situated in Paris
  • Fusac - English-language online and print newspaper.  Short-term rental apartments and sublets.
  • New York Habitat - Despite the name, a source for Paris rentals used by former students
  • Glamour Apartments - rental agency
  • Paris Housing Services
  • France For Rent
  • Air BnB - past Sciences Po students have used this to find short term rentals in Paris
  • Blue Marble - run by a couple of Americans, a portion of their services is devoted to housing.  You can also store luggage with them.
  • Paris Academic Rentals - Run by an American, Chuck Dressner, past students have used his service with great satisfaction.
  • Nestpick - A free meta-search engine for short-term, furnished rentals.
  • Uniplaces - student accommodations search engine; find and book online

Past students recommend avoiding the following:

Staying in a Foyer:

  • Foyers:  Contact Shelby for full list of student foyers in Paris. Note:  Students have recommended to avoid the "Oasis Babylone" foyer.

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