Specific Online Resources

Unless otherwise noted (public), the following sources all require access to the California Digital Library (through a proxy server). UC students can set up a proxy script in the browser of their laptop.

History of Paris

General Course resources

The Louvre

Les Places


The French Revolution


The Paris Commune

The Paris World Fair

The Liberation of Paris

French Society and Politics

Background: Information on the French Government

  • Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members: France – A list of the French Heads of State (president, prime minister, various ministers), provided by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency.
  • L'Elysée – (Présidence de la République) Offers a variety of resources, including a searchable database of Président Chirac's speeches, as well as a quick overview on the basics of the French State, with translations of the founding legal documents such as:
  • Declaration of Human Rights
  • 1958 Constitution – complete with amendments
  • Key terms, symbols, and concepts
  • Hotel Matignon – (Premier Ministre) Source of biographical and political information on the Prime Minister and his cabinet of ministers, secretaries, and ministers delegate.
  • Palais du Luxembourg – (Senat) Comprehensive website of the French Senate's role, both within France and the larger context of the European Union.
  • Palais Bourbon – (Assemblée Nationale) The National Assembly site.
  • Internet Law Library – (Pritchard Law Webs) has a hodgepodge of French law and reports about the Louisiana Purchase to French Human Rights.
  • Law-France – a mailing list and website, contains many useful articles and videos on legal issues in France since World War II.

Following the News

  • Tocqueville Connection – good web source for news and analysis in English.
  • CALENDA – A useful calendar of social science and history events in France.
  • France in Facts and Figures – Website for INSEE (L'Institut national de la statistique et des études économiques), in French.

Sources on French Demography